I want to say a few words about transformation. About the most profound one. The spiritual and holistic one. The all-encompassing one, which is so crucial for changing perspective. Perspective on everything. There’s nothing more important than the way we perceive Life. Nothing at all.
Such a transformation involves everything down to the minor parts of your being. You have to confront yourself thoroughly. Everything you’ve gathered along the way in this Life. And in many others, you had on the eternal journey of your soul. I firmly believe in reincarnation; I’m convinced we live many lives. Coming from experience and judging from an endless myriad of various feelings and perceptions accompanying me, I know that all this couldn’t have come just from single Life, from this Life. There’s too much of everything; it’s all so intense and multifaceted that it simply couldn’t have originated in this journey alone. It had to have been accumulating for a very long time to have come surging out with such force and complexity. And for it to have changed everything.
True spiritual transformation does not spare us much on our journey. It leaves us hanging for a very long time so that we discover the dimensions of it all on our own. That’s its purpose. Otherwise, natural evolution would be practically impossible. We have to embrace and accept uncertainty as a fundamental component of Life. That’s when we realize it can be one of our best friends that always stay at our side. And that it only wants what’s good for us the entire time.

You know, seen through my eyes (and coming from my experience), only the most significant and most challenging ordeals are genuinely eye-opening. And only they completely awaken us one day. When everything comes to a halt, we have to set out on another journey. We have no other choice but to say goodbye to the old. And to start a new at another place and time. This is very similar to rebirth and reentry into an utterly unknown setting, which soon starts to divulge its secrets.

Life flung me on this path; I could find no other option. Looking back, it was the right thing to do. I was able to experience the significant changes that were so liberating. In the miraculous process called Life I was blessed to get a chance to share even more Life. Much more light and joy. Much more of everything. I am deeply grateful for that”.

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