The one – my loving wife Branka. A mother of my beautiful children, Butterflies of Eternity. A great women who stands firmly by my side the whole time. A soul mate and my guardian angel. 

Hand in hand we overcame even the most difficult, unbelievable trials , have always found a way forward together. Her superhuman persistence and commitment is really remarkable.

However, we managed to find a breakthrough into a completely new, joyful and meaningful Life, which is invaluable.  I really wouldn’t be able to do it without her. 

I simply have to thank her from the bottom of my heart also here in front of the whole world. She means so much to me.

We are together for over 35 years, which is really something in one single lifetime. I feel so very happy because I know that there are many  beautiful years still to come. 

We all get stuck in place on occasion. We all move backward sometimes. Every day we must make the decision to move in the direction of our intentions. Forward is the direction of real life.” (Cheryl Strayed: Brave Enough)

You can find our more about partnership, as such a great opportunity for a personal growth, in one of the  chapters in my new book For All of Us.

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