We don’t know much about the miracle called Life. Much is written about it but the only things that apply are what we experience.
We’re vaguely familiar with only a few pieces of the giant puzzle, on which we build our reality. Some kind of imagined reality that doesn’t have much to do with our real truth and deep personal fulfilment.
For a long time, we don’t even notice that; we probably don’t even need to. Life knows what’s right. The speed it flows with is just right for everything to be follow a natural order. These pieces of the puzzle are definitely too small and there’s much too few of them for us to be able to fully taste all the wonderful extraordinary perfection of the final creation. All the lovely colors, flavors and perceptions of Life.
For a long time we build our more or less windy path on rather shaky foundation that we can’t really rely on in many circumstances. This foundation is simply too weak and it can let us down as soon as circumstances change too much. At least that’s what it seems to us in such cases. All too often everything in Life just appears a certain way anyway; this way is not necessarily the right way. Most often it’s quite the opposite. It’s much better to know how things stand in advance. Otherwise Life, after we look back in earnest, conclusively affirms that.
Most people have to face immense hardship on their journeys and that’s when, as a rule, the majority of our current life philosophy breaks apart in an instant. It completely fails and no longer works. Just when we need it the most. It vanishes and it’s gone.
And it’s okay that it’s gone. Because that’s the only way it can make room for a new one, a different one and a better one. And that’s the only thing that really matters.

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