It was a hot summer day. I came home from an evening walk along the beautiful Mediterranean coast. A sense of deep presence and gratitude felt stronger this time. 
While walking, I noticed a young girl, sitting at the end of the pier, crying loudly. I started feeling her pain and immense suffering. 
But other people were passing by; it seemed like nobody cared about her at all. It looks like being empathic is not a “thing” anymore nowadays. We some someone crying, and we think to ourselves: ” So what? I have enough of my problems.” We have become so self-centered and selfish. We often view other people as ghosts, pretending they don’t exist. 
I wouldn’t say I like this. I don’t like what we’ve become. So I always encourage everyone to be kind to one another. Offer someone help, even to a stranger, if you see them struggling. You can save someone’s Life or brighten their day. 
The invisible force pulled me towards her as I felt her pain, so I quietly sat beside her for a few long moments. The words just came out of my heart.
“I know it’s hard, but it will pass just like everything else. Let’s get drunk with your tears. Tears are pure love, coming straight from the heart. Please do not be ashamed and let them flow. Let your tears enrich the sea and the world, and do not stop crying until you feel better. Show yourself that you are worth it; you are strong. You are beautiful. I do care, and you are not alone. Everything will be just fine, and I can promise you that, let’s chase the rainbow together. “
She turned to me and looked straight into my eyes, and whispered: ” Thank you, stranger. For stopping and telling me I’m not alone. I needed to hear this. I feel a bit better now.”
A deep sense of gratitude and connection embraced my whole being. It was me who had to thank this woman for such a blessed moment of complete oneness. 
I never met her again, but she certainly opened my heart a little more. And I am pretty sure that I opened hers too. Thank you, Life, for such a fantastic experience. Simply priceless.
Have you ever experienced something similar, when you know and realize that we are all one? Have you ever helped a stranger?

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