I feel fine; I’m thinking about people entering my life and about what new revelations their wonderful worlds bring me…
Inner peace, feeling happy and pleasantly experiencing joy; all of this should present a completely normal state for spending most of a person’s time.
But most often that’s not the case; it’s quite the opposite. Why do modern people, the way they behave and rush all over the place, move away more and more from this wonderful and much longed-for state? Why do they semi-forcibly try to find happiness and fulfilment in all kids of, and mostly far from alive enough, external circumstances, things and matter, and then, as a rule, remain empty when they “find” them?
Where do all the fear, restlessness, wrong mood, and even bad health and sickness come from? Why is it that despite a flood of information and knowledge, which are basically accessible instantaneously, humans never really stop and try to give at least a partial answer to all the questions gnawing at them inside? To finally get at least a little bit clearer picture of what Life actually is?
We have to slow down more; we have to hold our horses as they used to say because time to think is a luxury. It makes it possible for us to leave the mind’s confusion and much too weak focus and return to the present. To return to the world where all the current activities are taking place and not to all the others that have nothing to do with us.
We need to be constantly aware of the moment we’re in. We need to sense that we might really be a part of some bigger whole and that we may be capable of creating and changing our inner conditions, which consequently shape all of our outer world and everything going on there.
What if it’s all true? Wouldn’t that be really great? In my experience, it’s all very true. Yes, it’s all quite exceptional as well.

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