Pieces of the puzzle

We’re vaguely familiar with only a few pieces of the giant puzzle, on which we build our reality. Some kind of imagined reality that doesn’t have much to do with our real truth and deep personal fulfilment.


True abundance fulfills us from within. It flourishes inside us, full of fragrance. It cannot be bought, borrowed or forced in any way. It can only be experienced. Deep inside. In our hearts.

Chivalrous me

We need to feel the entire grandeur of love on our being first, in our hearts. We need to learn to love ourselves. We need to learn to experience love as an inseparable part of our being and to be able to lean on it when necessary. And to realize how easy and fulfilling it is to share it with others.

Seeking peace and inner joy

From a spiritual point of view, is it perhaps better to envy those who get a direct hit in the heart by Life and who have no other choice but to set off on this mysterious and (at least at the beginning) rather uncertain path?

I need to thank you

I don’t like what we’ve become. So I always encourage everyone to be kind to one another. Offer someone help, even to a stranger, if you see them struggling. You can save someone’s Life or brighten their day.

She is The One

My loving wife Branka. A mother of my beautiful children, Butterflies of Eternity. A great women who stands firmly by my side the whole time. A soul mate and my guardian angel.

Seasons of life

Only a week ago, when I looked through the window, there was nothing to notice yet. No blooming, no beautiful colors, not even the smallest sign that something so unique will be revealed.