True abundance
True abundance fulfills us from within. It flourishes inside us, full of fragrance. It cannot be bought, borrowed or forced in any way. It can only be experienced. Deep inside. In our hearts.
… Extraordinary twists that open the path to even more extraordinary perceptions. Really demanding ordeals that catch us completely off guard. That paralyze us and make us unaware of the outer, so-called material world. Of money and things like that. That’s when we have to turn within. In a nice way, in a way closest to us and in one we can count on. In moments like this, material wealth has no meaning to us. It brings no joy. It doesn’t open up our hearts and it doesn’t heal. In a spiritual sense, it’s negligible.
I recall how a single euro in my sun-faded shorts meant much more to me than all the material stuff in this world. I checked many times if it’s still there, and when I felt it, it warmed my heart.
I could treat myself to a cold beer and climb on a hill above Strunjan, into virgin countryside. I leaned on an olive tree and savored the view of the azure sea. I simply tried to be and to feel. To find a true meaning in moving forward. I needed nothing more; that was quite enough.
A few juicy figs or apricots, which offered themselves along the way on numerous occasions when I rambled down the Parenzana Path, were enough for a completely fulfilling day. I didn’t need money in those moments; it’s not edible. It could bring me no joy. Wonderful taste of freshly-picked fruit, on the other hand, was something completely different. The invigorating juice of Life I sensed in my mouth nicely filled the void in my exhausted being. It renewed my strength. The only thing on my mind was how much I enjoyed my food at the moment. Life was benevolent and it only wanted what was good for me! Even though I didn’t understand it then, I somehow sensed it was true. I still tenderly and carefully nurture these great and genuine feelings to this day. Priceless.
Much more important than the materials economy in the sense most people understand it is the soul economy. In the soul economy, the first thing you fall in love with is who you are and whatever you do. Including everything around you, without exception. You come to peace and terms with yourself. You sit on the throne and put a crown on your head. You live like a king. You realize or rather you come to an understanding that inner joy is the key that opens all doors. You award all such insights to yourself. You feel you’re a part of the whole. And it is only then that all the material wealth of this world is at your disposal.
A spiritual millionaire knows that abundance has nothing to do with money. Not in the least. They know that from their own experience. It is perfectly clear to them that true abundance is tied to the quality of life. To the meaning of life; to inner fulfilment and a sense of deep gratitude. And above all they know and are sure that true abundance has nothing to do with the amount of money on their bank account, real estate in their name or the number of cars in their garage. No, that’s not true abundance.
Life never deceives you. Neither does life’s balance sheet. It ever only shows what you create for yourself. Your inner life is a completely independent process; it’s the source of all activity and it’s reflected in the outside world.

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