Branka and I are together the majority of our adult life. At least the part I’m more fully aware of as a man. We met at the end of high school, before my military service. We’ve stayed an item until now.
It seems unbelievable but putting it in simple numbers that means full forty-three years. This is quite a long time considering the unthinkably difficult hardship we had to go through in this long period of time.
The person who is tailor-made for you and who is literally meant for you. There must be something profound in these truly powerful statements because we’re experiencing exactly what I’m stating here.
Life has been very harsh to us for the last ten years and even longer. All the difficult and profound hardships and losses have been coming one after the other without any real break. We thought for quite a while that they’d never end. And that we’d be finished too. We were on our knees too many times but somehow we always, almost miraculously, found a way forward. We’ve been together, practically invincible.
I have no problem thanking my wife Branka here, publicly, from the bottom of my heart, for her overwhelming and selfless support in all those years. There’s enormous strength in this, at least outwardly, fragile girl—I still consider her a girl. She bravely confronted all the obstacles Life has placed before her. Her superhuman persistence and commitment helped her move on as well, which is really remarkable. I’m genuinely sorry that everything happened the way it has and that we’d lost both of our kids. I’d give anything in this world to be able to bring them back to their mom but this wish will be among those that will never be granted. Or rather, they wait to be granted in one of our future lives. Everything is a circle and everyone gets their turn. God is my witness that I’ve tried everything and more for us to be a real family again. It hasn’t worked out, at least not in the way we wanted.
On the other hand, we very enthusiastically channeled all our efforts into helping others whom Life tosses about on their journeys and who have difficulty adapting. We channeled them into spreading the good and the positive. Into spreading love, which can conquer practically anything. Everything we’ve gone through together is a great legacy and we wish to take advantage of it the most we can. Mostly by directing it to others.
I probably wouldn’t manage without Branka. Most likely I’d end up on some small Caribbean island away from anything familiar in an attempt to find the peace I’ve searched so eagerly for so many years. Many times all I could think about was running away from the environment that scarred me so much. Together with all the memories I carry around and past events that will probably stay a part of my baggage forever. But that’s not how things have turned out; thank God they haven’t. I managed to transform into a new, more mindful and really open being. Everything happening to us has a deeper purpose and it’s no different with me or with Branka and me.
That is another proof that Life knows exactly what it is doing and that it’s always strictly benevolent without exception. Seen from a spiritual point of view, of course; a different one doesn’t really exist for me. I know that now; this is my experience and the real truth. And that completely changes everything. You stop worrying about insignificant things and you focus all your attention on the essence. Questions like Who am I? and Where am I going? get an entirely new dimension. In other words, after all this time real answers are finally arriving. Priceless.

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