“Our inseparable ally, our wonderful friend if you will—I’ll use this term so as to let you choose freely—is available to us in all places and at all times. It’s not possible for it to be unavailable, to disappear somewhere or something like that. It’s omnipresent; it always has been and it always will be. It works in us, through us and all around us. There’s nothing in this world that is separate from it. All is one, wonderfully and inseparably intertwined and conditioned to everything else. Everything going on with us and all around us is extremely synchronized and strictly benevolent. There’s no doubt about that anymore. That’s just the way it is. Seen through my eyes and in my experience.
The main purpose of all ordeals and challenges on our journey is to bring us to a point where we finally begin to wake from the wakeful sleep we’ve been stuck in without knowing it for all these years, simply embracing it as our life thinking that what’s happening to us is real. But as we’ve already established, most of the time that’s not the case.
I know no better feeling than being able to breathe freely again, happy simply because you exist. Being able to feel peace and indescribable joy deep in your heart, which is something you’re far from used to. Being able to once more open up your heart to love—for others and for yourself. In that order. From that point on, everything is nicer, almost wondrous. It’s worth investing your last drop of strength in it because when you finally do it, you’ve entered a new world. A world of beauty, love and feeling. Truly priceless.

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